Murder is a two-piece folk-inspired band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Jacob Bellens (vocals) and Anders Mathiasen (vocal & guitar) are the two talented persons behind the morbid name.
Murder has endeavoured on their own special interpretation of neofolk. Their music has captured the hearts of many audiences and critics, leaving a trail of praising comments such as “overwhelmingly beautiful” and “best vocalist in Denmark”.
After 2005′s debut, One Year From Now It’s My Birthday, the Stockholm Syndrome album (2006) secured Murder a bigger audience as they toured extensively round Europe (and a bit of the US as well), playing numerous gigs and festivals, amongst them PopKomm, Roskilde Festival and SxSW.
Gospel of Man (2010) is a more extrovert experience than Stockholm Syndrome was, but the complexity and essentially the uniqueness of Murder’s music remains the same.

Anders Mathiasen released his solo album Enlettered Species, under the name Vessel, in February 2012.
Jacob Bellens is also known as the frontman of I Got You On Tape and from his collaborations with Kasper Bjørke. Jacob released his solo debut album, The Daisy Age, in November 2012.

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